About Grounded and Rising

Grounded and Rising is a new community and training platform focused on bridging the rural - urban divide by providing farmers and others in agriculture access to information, networking, training, one-on-one consulting, and more. We know for many of us, the feeling of being grounded in agriculture is core to our being, but we also want to rise to have a bigger impact on our communities more broadly. 

Grounded and Rising is the brainchild of Janice Person, and although the community and training programs are new, they are informed by our founder's work in this area for well over a decade. The team at Grounded Communications LLC will be providing insight gathered from a range of sources as well as personal experience for the effort.  

Janice has pioneered a number of previous efforts in consumer understanding and connectivity -- some out of personal passion, some in connection to her day job.

A New Approach

for a Changing World

Not only has she been blogging to build bridges between the general public and her favorite fiber, cotton, she was one of the founders of the AgChat Foundation and served on the board through the formative years. AgChat trained hundreds if not thousands of people in agriculture on connectivity and social media. Once Monsanto saw the immense value in the work, Janice crafted programs and presentations for the company that led farmers and other agriculturalists to deeper understanding of the changing world around us. 

Here at Grounded and Rising, she emphasizes understanding and connections, with the tools of social media playing a supporting role. The way people access food has shifted significantly due to radical disruption of daily norms, and we focus on helping folks in ag meet consumers where they are and help them gain an understanding of where their food comes from. 

If you want to see more of her professional background, visit Janice's LinkedIn profile or shoot us a message. 

Accessing Expertise

Building the community and content relies on much more than one person and that's where the team approach and network comes into play. 

Grounded and Rising will tap into a combination of experts and people who may shrug that title but be willing to share their expertise. These may be restauranteurs, small business owners, digital entrepreneurs or who knows! 

Molly Atkins provides project management and a wealth of other insight and work into Grounded and Rising. For the past several years, she provided program support for blogger outreach and training programs. She has lived alongside agriculture most of her life, albeit done with a decidedly urban bent in Texas, California and Missouri. Her pride and joy, other than her family, is her Greater Swiss Mountain dog. 

Molly Atkins

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