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Continual learning is our baseline and we love learning new tools and ways of approaching things. Hopping in early, we frequently end up learning things the hard way, We'll be passing on tips on ways to be effective, use your time wisely and create things that matter.

Building Knowledge, 

Making It Actionable

The courses we offer are designed to help people understand the various forces at work as well as the tools that can be most helpful in the work to connect with others about farming and agriculture. 

Each class includes video that is broken into short segments so in our fast paced world, if you need to come back to it, you will find it easy to pick right back up where you were. 

Most classes will also be accompanied by downloadable PDF files that help you capture your thoughts or remember some of the takeaways discussed. 

And what's really nice? Unlike a workshop in a crowded room, you can not only get the instructor to back up and run through something again if you miss it, you can come back to it next month when you are working on a project and confirm some of the points. 

LinkedIn has an excellent reputation for job searching and resume building, and that reputation is well deserved. However, what most folks don't realize is that LinkedIn does even more as a platform for business communication, networking, and connectivity.

In this training, we will go over new ways that you can use LinkedIn to grow your influence and achieve your business goals. We will sit down and think through what LinkedIn offers and make sure you aren't missing out on some of the great ways LinkedIn can work for you.

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Storytelling is rapidly being used to help shape perceptions and bring understanding to complex topics. It is incredibly powerful for connecting food and farm. 

So often we are told we need to tell our stories, but understanding how to share that story can make it not only easier to tell, but easier for others to remember. In this course, we explain why storytelling is becoming such a critical component in today's world as well as break down the way to approach storytelling. While we like to think of people as natural storytellers, it is actually a skill we can learn and practice pays off by showing improvement!  

(Intermediate / Advanced 40 mins.) 

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Video is something of a superpower on social media, but for many of us, it can be daunting. If social media is a part of your communications plan, it is time to think about how you can use video to reach the next level.

Learn the tools and best practices to make your content stand out and make you look like a social media pro! (Beginners/Intermediate) 40 mins

For people buying annual membership in the Grounded Community, this course is included as a bonus for founding members. 

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