Join us as we learn from experience,

stay on top of the latest changes. 

Grounded and Rising brings a unique combination of decades of experience in communications with staying on top of what's happening in social media, communications and those connections to our everyday business lives. 

Whether you are a communicator by passion or profession, it's difficult to stay in tune with what's happening without frequent touch points and information. And it can be challenging to find opportunities to discuss what you are seeing in an atmosphere that provides openness and prizes discovery. 

Having a heads up on new features or shifts in algorithms and a solid network of support gives you the greatest chance of successful content and connections. That's what we are here for! 

Join this community seeking and creating positive change through communications!

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All Members Get Access to Live Sessions & The Latest on Social Media / Communications

It is incredibly hard to keep your finger on the pulse of the constantly shifting landscape of social media, tools and culture when you have other priorities in your business. 

Our regular live sessions focus on building communications skills or topics that are impacting the business climate we are in, helping you see directly what is driving the changes and how you can reach out to connect despite the changes or capitalizing on them. We frequently have guest experts join us to talk through topics, and we take questions both in advance and live from listeners during the session. You can see highlights from some of these live sessions on our blog. Members also get live & ongoing access to the full content of these sessions with continuing opportunities to ask further questions within the member community. 

We share insight and links in the moment to keep members on top of what's new. That's posted to a community site you can access on your mobile phone or other computers. And every other week, we send out a newsletter with these highlights so that our members can have an at-a-glance summary of the latest and most relevant updates because we know you can get busy and miss things.  


We want to help you succeed in your goals.

The beauty of the digital space is how we are able to connect with others who may have similar interests or goals. We learn so much from each other. We can also reach out to others, building our businesses, talking to influencers (legislators, bloggers, whoever!). But there are also so many things competing for our interest, we can sometimes lose sight of something as critical as hearing from our customers or understanding where they are today. 

Grounded and Rising is set up to make it easy for you to follow the various factors that are shaping culture and the ways we connect with audiences. 

The reality that membership has its privileges has become ingrained for many of us. With Grounded and Rising, our members have access to regular sources of information about the factors impacting the food & farming markets and the cultural shifts that are driving consumers. 

The community's basic membership gets you in on the ground level to help build the foundation for your outreach and development. 

We also offer other services which can be leveraged to help ensure your development gets a deeper focus on what you want to accomplish, building plans to enable that, etc. These are part of our Growth Community offering one-on-one guidance and unique support to help you elevate your work even further. Find out more about what comes with each plan below. 

Grounded Seeding (Basic)


Participate in regular sessions & get email updates!

  • Access to the member only Grounded Community where you can get feedback, help in the moment, etc. 
  • Updates on culture & sentiment impacting food & agriculture. 
  • E-newsletter every two weeks providing social media tips and news. 
  • Live sessions every 4-6 weeks via zoom that help build skills or provide access to expertise in the food & farm arena.
  • A course of your choice and discounts on select courses as they go live.
  • Annual subscribers get a 30-day free trial at signup. 
  • And more.

Growth Individual


Adds personalized attention focused on building & executing what best suits your needs!

  • Includes all the benefits of Grounded Seeding (Basic) and more.

Members choose how to leverage focused time with Janice Person to help meet that individual's goals through either (members can shift year-to-year if they choose)

  • Hour-long one-on-one sessions with Janice Person to focus on areas of development you have in mind -- strategy, tactics, motivation, etc every six (6) months. 
  • A social media audit of up to 4 channels. Starts with the individual's goals & challenges and is followed up by an in-depth look at areas of opportunity to consider, gaps caught by the Grounded and Rising team and more.
  • As with other memberships, annual subscribers get a 30-day free trial at signup. 

Growth Organization Employee


Focused attention that supports professional communicators with audits &/or consulting for their employers!

  • Includes all the benefits of Grounded Seeding (Basic) and more.

Deep dives into strategy take on a different feel when you have an adhoc team that brings a depth and breadth of experience to bear. Members choose which of the services to focus on each year, choosing between:

  • Hour-long one-on-one sessions with Janice Person to focus on projects, issues, etc -- strategy, tactics, motivation. Three sessions available each year (~every four (4) months). 
  • An in-depth social media audit which includes a conversation of the organization's goals & challenges. Channels are reviewed for areas of opportunity, potential issues and more. 
  • As with other memberships, a 30-day free trial at signup. 

Let's Talk Through Those Membership Options


Details on Growth Membership

The Growth level is designed to go deeper and more involved and it is customizable based on each member's needs. 

If you have a strong idea of things you want to do to grow your business or online profile but think you need a bit more insight that is specific to you and your goals, this deeper plan fits best. 

Growth members (both individual and organizational) choose from two key paths each year they are a member:

  • A confidential review of your social media. Having worked for a major corporation doing social media outreach, Janice has unusual depth and breadth in this space. We work with you to talk through the goals of each of your channels and how they fit into the larger picture of your overall communications & outreach strategy. Then we review those channels and return with ideas and recommendations for helping push those channels to help you better achieve your goals. Read more about our Growth Membership social media review/audit
  • One-on-one consulting time. Time dedicated to the opportunities or challenges the individual and/or organization is facing. Two hours of consulting time with Janice Person is available to be paired with membership creating a different type of Growth membership. Choose when you want to access that time & how you want to use it. We've helped members work through new opportunities in speaking, live events, even career development. With 30 years in ag public relations, Janice has a lot of experience to put to work with you bringing new perspectives and ideas. You also get a reduced rate for additional time. You can learn more about it in the blog post that explains our consulting more

Beginning in May 2022, Growth Memberships are priced differently for individuals and organizations due to the time & complexity involved. We appreciate that organizations have multi-layered messaging that require a depth of insight and time that isn't needed for individuals running their own channels, etc.