Grounded and Rising is for You

Grounded and Rising brings together people in agriculture who want to build connections with consumers, improve the trust in food and design better strategies and approaches for doing just that.

Whether you are looking for an on-going community or a single class, Grounded and Rising is the place you have been looking for and the network you need.

An Environment That Prizes Discovery

It is easy to get in a routine and that may feel comfortable. We all do it. It may also let us miss new opportunities, especially the ones that may seem far away. Grounded and Rising is built to provide farmers & others in ag ideas, information and connections that make it easier to stay in tune with what is happening at other points in the food system. We'll discover things in the Grounded Community as well as independently via courses. 

Tools & Technology Updates & Tips

People in agriculture know the positive impacts technology and tools have on farms and have a wealth of resources that help us stay up on those. Some of the communications & digital tools we use to reach outside the choir change so frequently that it can be challenging to keep up. Our courses let you learn from the best & the community can help you stay on top of new features, changes in algorithms with one stop rather than loading your inbox. 

Connections that Understand & Assist

There are lots of people in agriculture and a subset is interested in connecting with consumers. Grounded and Rising provides a place for those people to rise together. We create a community of shared availability of people who are seeking to improve their businesses and industry through improved communications and outreach... Being a part of the community is something that really helps fuel us all! 

The Power of Community

Agriculture is accustomed to strong communities that see the benefit of sharing ideas and working together. The Grounded Community will provide all of that along with the motivation of a team focused on building a depth of understanding that currently takes an immense amount of time and effort to develop. Sharing information, hosting discussions with people who are impacting public discussion on food and more will let you turn to one place for the big picture so you can spend more time on your farm or organization's specific fit in that picture.

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Created by Someone Who Lives & Loves Both Food & Farm

Often there is a divide between farm audiences and the people who live in more densely populated areas. But Janice Person has been bridging that divide for more than a decade. She was a founder of the AgChat Foundation and has created numerous other successful community building and training programs. Now she is behind Grounded and Rising to fill the holes she sees presenting farmers and others in agriculture unique challenges. 

Cross-cultural understanding and communications has never been more important in agriculture and the food system. Janice brings decades of experience in communications and a personal passion together in Grounded and Rising to serve the farm community. 

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The Training You Want

When You Have the Time 

Getting access to classes and training to help you level up has been dependent on meetings in real-time for so long. And there is a certain cycle -- winter and summer meetings. While in-person training is an amazing way to learn, there are a lot of things that could be accomplished after morning chores or once littles have gone to bed. These classes will be here when you have the time, interest or drive to jump into a new topic or tool. 

Our Courses

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We are excited to bring connections to and classes to farms across the U.S. and around the world.

We'd love to be able to share more about what's happening here, give you more information on the community we are forming and classes as they go live. 


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