One of the perks of Growth Membership? One-on-One Consulting or Coaching with Janice.

membership Jun 10, 2021

The Growth Membership tier includes one-on-one consultation time with our founder Janice Person. But what does this mean? How can her consultations help you reach the next level?

Janice has worked at small, medium, and large companies (see her experience on LinkedIn). She understands that individuals and companies have different needs, but the reality is, all of us are being pushed to do more with what we have. The creative and resourceful mind of someone not living with a project or decision can be a gamechanger. Even if it is just asking you questions you haven't considered. That helps produce well-vetted plans, goals, and actionable strategy that really makes a difference. 

Consulting Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Whether you are an individual looking for help leveling up your influence game or a member of a larger organization looking to develop strategies to elevate the organization, Janice will bring her expertise to bear on helping you determine your next steps and forward-looking plans.

And although lots of these are done via Zoom, there are times where we can get in the same room too! 

For Individuals

Janice has worked as both an influencer and a corporate outreach strategist. She knows both sides of the equation and can give you a full 360 degree look into what you need to do to build and streamline your strategy to help you grow your influence. Here are just a few things she can help you with:

  • Overall strategy for growing your influence
  • Goal setting
  • How to work with companies to get the best return for your time
  • Writing proposals and setting prices for the work you do
  • Managing issues as they come up
  • Branding and showing up in the space you want to occupy
  • And so much more

Individual Growth Members can choose two one-hour sessions a year or the social media audit. Members can alternate audits and consulting in consecutive years if they so choose. 

For Organizations

Janice understands that not every company can afford a full range of communicators to do all the things. She will work with you to understand your organization's needs and ask questions to determine the gaps her expertise can help fill.

Working through the planning process will lock in who you want to reach, how best to reach them, and the messages that will prompt the types of action a business wants. There are no off-the-shelf solutions because each business and needs are different and market dynamics can shift what works or what goes wrong. Meeting those challenges takes a depth of experience and education in both communications and business, something frequently only found at larger corporations.

Janice can help your organization

  • Define and tell your corporate or brand story
  • Use online media to connect to stakeholders and present thought leadership
  • Work with influencers to create an authentic groundswell for your brand
  • Find the right in-person connections to boost your outreach strategy
  • Coach individuals and the organization on ways to better advocate for topics of interest
  • And much more

The Growth Membership covering individuals working on behalf of organizations includes three one-hour sessions per year or the social media audit. Members can alternate audits and consulting in consecutive years if they so choose. 


And members get a discounted price if they decide they would like to get additional time to work with Janice. After all, membership has its privileges. 

 What do you think?

An hour of consulting time each 6 months is just one of the perks included in the Grounded and Rising Growth Membership level, and it's one of the ways we help our Growth Members reach the next level. So how about it? Are you ready to dig in and start leveling up your outreach?


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