We Talk Ag Startups with Tim Hammerich from the Future of Ag Podcast

live session Nov 17, 2021

So many consumers still have this image of farmers in overalls with a pitchfork and a wagon in the back of their mind whenever they think about agriculture. Logically, they may know Old MacDonald is just a kids' song, but the archetype is embedded deep into our minds.

What consumers don't often think about with farming are things like drone swarms to control weeds in fields, measuring the health of cows by having an AI analyze milk in real time, and many of the other exciting things happening in the world of ag startups. That's just what we dove into with Tim Hammerich on our most recent LIVE session!

Tim's Background

Tim runs the Future of Agriculture podcast, which showcases the latest in ag innovations. He's spent years working with the best and the brightest in recruitment for the modern ag industry, and now he has shifted his focus to communications consulting. He's sharing his expertise in what's coming up for ag. 

Our Conversation

We could have talked ag innovations with Tim for hours. There is so much new and exciting happening and a good amount is already out in the fields! Tim gave us so many mind-blowing moments that illustrated how agriculture is moving into the future. We talked everything from spore traps to measure microbiomes in the soil to biodigesters to turn cow manure into fuel for trucks. And we learned what makes a startup.... well, a startup.

This was a riveting session, and we've got the highlights available in the video above. The full recording is posted within the members-only community and members are always invited to participate live. When you sign up for the annual pass, you receive a free month trial to start. To view our membership options, you can click the button below.


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