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Immense Change Offers Challenges & Opportunities for Agriculture, Spurs New Community

news release Feb 04, 2021

ST LOUIS (February 3, 2021) — Bridging the rural-urban divide can't just happen by having a small number of people sitting in on an occasional keynote. And yet, that divide may be one of agriculture’s most daunting challenges.  That is what led to the creation of a new community called Grounded and Rising

Grounded and Rising is the brainchild of Janice Person, one of the industry’s most active advocates. According to her, the divide has grown in 2020, and she wants to help reverse that trend. 

“The change that is underway in cities due to a combination of generational change and from people slowing down this past year is significant and offers both challenges and opportunities for agriculture,” Person explains. 

“Living in the midst of all that change, my head was spinning at first. I looked for research, data and opinions to try and understand it all. I started talking with peers, friends and more. It took a while to get...

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