A Conversation on Climate and Agriculture with Dr. Jeff Seale

live session Feb 03, 2022

Climate change and the impacts from it are top of mind for many consumers who use it to guide purchase decisions and more. The discussion of climate change though, well that can get complicated and tense fast in large part because it is so easy to consume one-sided opinion pieces. Knowing more about how we, in the ag industry, can be a solution to some of the issues as well as understanding how the global conversation takes place is a good start to navigating the conversation. 

Why talk with Jeff Seale?

Jeff has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and has spent decades in agricultural sciences in a range of ways from a bench scientist to working in climate policy. His current role with Regrow Ag, a startup, pulls all of his experiences together to work on greenhouse gas mitigation while talking with policy groups about why agriculture is the solution to a lot of what's happening. His role in working on climate-related issues for agriculture companies means that he can bridge the divide that is sometimes apparent when it comes to talking climate and finding solutions, and he understands the nuance that is difficult to see when looking at ag from the outside.

The Conversation

This was a powerful discussion, and the thing that Jeff came back to, again and again, was the need to ensure everyone came to the table to be a part of the solution. He looks for ways farmers can continue to farm in a rapidly changing environment and proactively protect their businesses. While many cite agriculture worldwide as a #2 contributor to greenhouse gases, Jeff helped us reframe that idea to illustrate the ability agriculture has to being a part of the solution.

We also discussed ensuring inclusivity in the conversation and the importance of farmer voices and various production practices. There is no one-size-fits all solution, here, and no effort is too small. Every bit matters, from a cover crop to watershed restoration and conservation. 

This was a powerful conversation that sparked plenty of questions and conversation. Check out the video highlights here and remember, the full recording is posted within the members-only community. Members are always invited to participate live. When you sign up for the annual pass, you receive a free month trial to start. To view our membership options, you can click the button below. 


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