The Online Landscape is Evolving & Bloggers Are Building All The Things


This past Tuesday, we enjoyed having a conversation with Adriana Martin of Adriana's Best Recipes about the massive changes that have taken place in blogging as it has evolved over the last decade.

What's shifting?

Ten years ago, blogs were all anyone was talking about.

  • What are they?
  • How do they work?
  • Can blogging help me reach my audience?
  • How can companies work with bloggers to promote their products and stories?

Nowadays, though, the conversation has shifted and part of that is due to the shifts bloggers have been undergoing. Bloggers think like entrepreneurs more broadly, and they continue to innovate. They have diversified and pursued multiple social media outlets. We don't even call them bloggers anymore. We call them influencers, and they are publishing books, landing TV deals, and much, much more.

Adriana's Path to Publishing

Adriana started her blog a decade ago and has evolved like many peers. Her path is food focused and the latest development is book deals. 

Publishers now monitor trends, have learned how to make SEO work for them, and they are able to jump on ahead of time and be able to produce books to meet the things that consumers are craving in the moment. This has flipped things a lot from the time when writers would do detailed book proposals & submit to publishers.

This doesn't always work out, as Adriana told us. Sometimes the proposal just doesn't fit, and it can be heartbreaking to turn one down. But when you land that dream book deal, you know it is just right.

She just released her cookbook, Best of Mexican Cooking (affiliate link), and has started work on a second. She has found a way to thrive in this environment and it was so interesting to hear how she did that. (Janice shares some of the things that really stand out about the book in the video highlights too!) 

Our Conversation

Take a look at the highlights from our conversation (video above). As always, the full recording of our sessions are posted within the members-only community and members are always invited to participate. When you sign up for the annual pass, you receive a free month. To view our membership options, you can click the button below.

And we are betting listening to this convo made you want to cook up some Mexican food... here's that link for the cookbook again! 


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