LIVE Sesson with Rev Ciancio - Tuesday, February 16 at 10 AM CST

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2021

SO EXCITED to be chatting with hospitality marketing expert Dave "Rev" Ciancio who lives in Metro NYC/New Jersey. Rev is a hospitality marketing consultant, customer and technology evangelist with more than 20 years experience in B2B digital marketing and business development, specializing in hospitality marketing, content, local SEO, reputation management and influencer marketing.

He is going to help us get a deeper understanding of how the restaurant business has changed over the past year, what businesses are doing to reshape themselves for the world we are living in today, and what that may mean for agriculture.

Rev has a deep passion for food and can recommend the best burger joint or pizza place no matter what neighborhood in the metro area you find yourself in. And quite frankly, he probably knows the best burger in a bunch of US cities! He is also a former New York City bar owner and knows exactly how hard it is to operate and brand a hospitality business. Rev is an “expert burger taster,” pens hospitality and marketing tips on his Instagram @revciancio, as well as his LinkedIn Profile. He believes that Pizza is a religion.

This past year he has focused on helping restaurants be creative so they can find ways to get online, drive new business, maintain profit margins, etc. In fact, he recently has shared a step-by-step how to generate a lot of business with something as simple as a heart-shaped pizza. While it sounds simple, doing something like that can drive more orders for restaurants that are struggling with reduced occupancy limits, etc.

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