Our Relationships with Pets Are Evolving & that Impacts Agriculture

live session Apr 28, 2021

As the number of covid cases drops and as more Americans are vaccinated, the idea of returning to normal keeps being discussed. It's not just in the media, but as friends & family start seeing loved ones they haven't seen in some time.

For many students, this spring has seen a return to in-person schools and while many professionals continue to work remotely for office jobs, the discussions about how to navigate the change are starting. 

Many who have always worked in highly dynamic offices are longing for those days where colleagues take turns coming up with new ideas and jotting down possible plans on white boards. 

Pets & Stay At Home

But there are family members in many homes that do not necessarily want people to return... pets! Well, maybe some cats will welcome time alone.... But many animals loved having their humans at home. The frequent walks. The extra treats now and then. And pets have offered a lot of stress-relief for families. 

Working remotely and staying at home have escalated shifts already underway in many households. And while the changes may not be easily seen from farms outside our cities, these shifts have implications for agriculture too. 

  • Pets are increasingly cherished members of the family
  • Products and services purchased for pets are becoming more premium. 
  • Food & snacks for pets are under increasing scrutiny from pet owners. 

Conversation About All of This

This all gives us the background for our next live session for members of Grounded and Rising. We have been taking notes and talking with the experts -- one will join us Tuesday, May 4, 2021 for a conversation on this evolving topic. 

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