Rising Conversation on Instagram: Your chance to get in on the talk!

live session Jun 30, 2022

Wednesday, July 13

9 am CDT to 10 am CDT

Instagram can leave you feeling like you've got whiplash. One second it's going great, you're posting great content, seeing great content, engaging with folks, and your following count is going up. The next second, it feels like nothing you do is right.

Grounded and Rising is getting a small group of members together to talk through this and we wanted to give you the opportunity to join us and be a part of the Rising Conversation. Rising Conversations are a casual discussion format with a focus on sharing what works and what we're struggling with so we can work together as a community to find solutions and lift each other up. Typically, these events are only for our members, but because this topic is so relevant to so many people, we wanted to give you the chance to join the conversation.

We will be discussing what we are seeing in the world of Instagram these days and talking through some easy ways you can stay up on the latest changes. Janice Person, Jodi Oleen, and Molly Atkins will be working together to facilitate this conversation and act as resources as folks talk things through. 

This is a great chance to get a feel for our community and find out if this space might be a good fit for you. Click the button below to get all the details on pricing and to reserve your spot!


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