What's Happening with Restaurants & What Agriculture Should Know


For our first LIVE session, we invited Rev Ciancio to help us understand the changes to the restaurant and hospitality industry since the start of COVID. The topic was so exciting & Rev is such an engaging speaker, we opened the session up to others. It gave people a sneak peek into the live events and recordings that are normally exclusive to members of the Grounded and Rising Community.

We've compiled a short highlight video with a few of the "AH-HA!" moments Rev had to share with us. 

  • Survival Mode -- Restaurants work on narrow margins and most need to have a relatively significant number of orders to stay in business. With the safety issues and regulations about capacity, it required a lot of restaurants to shift. 
  • Competing with National Delivery Services -- How do smaller restaurants compete when they can't get the celebrity endorsements that national applications can? They have to be able to take the orders from customers and they have to be able to get the food to the customer. Then keep up that direct communication on a regular basis. 
  • Clear Winners -- What some restaurants are doing that make them stand out and drive their success. If you already did delivery & significant take-out it really helped but innovation has become key.
  • Labelling and Food Sourcing -- Trendy movements from the pre-pandemic world have been replaced by the drive to meet the needs of the community.

Rev also talked about ghost kitchens, shifting menus, and how restaurants are building that oh-so-necessary trust with consumers. Attending Monthly Lives & replay access of the one-hour session is available to members of the Grounded and Rising Community 

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